What is SARCNA

SARCNA is the South Africa Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous

This is a historic account of the creation of Narcotics Anonymous in South Africa. This is based on the best recollection sourced from a Member in Narcotics Anonymous South Africa.

"The First Narcotics Anonymous meeting - The City Group, happened in Johannesburg, Penthouse Clinic at Salisbury House in September 1986.

The Durban fellowship had its first interaction with the Hillbrow Group in 1987.

Which group was the first, is still in dispute today,

But the City Group still exists and is the longest running group in South Africa."

"The first South African Regional Convention was held in Gauteng in 1993

and I believe that some members that were very instrumental

in making that first convention a reality are still around today.

There was 22 addicts at this 1st convention."

"The South African Region was formed in 2004

and was accepted as a region by the World Service Committee."